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Bookmark-Buzz Extra

April 27, 2012

 Circumstances require that Unusual Bookmark presentation be postponed. In the meantime here are some recent arrivals in the mail box.

 Star Spangled Banner Woven silk Bookmark.

This beautiful bookmark of The Star Spangled Banner was made by The National Woven Label C0. of 425 Park Ave.  South New York New York.

It appears that the company no longer exists as such. My efforts to find out more has not produced any results except that at one time a Mr. Herman Benz was president of the company.

This item measures 2 1/4 X 8 1/4 inches.


Here is another interesting piece which freely translated reads

“Jubilee Exposition Gotenborg 1923”

This bookmark is made of moderately heavy celluloid of improved color.  The older celluloid had a serious tendency to develop a deeper yellow or even orange over time. It measures 5  X  1 1/6 inches. The medallion is brass with red,white and blue enamel and shows the Royal Lion with Sword and Shield.

The medallion is open at the lower side to act as a page clip in a book.


These next bookmarks were offered in  multiples of five. Since they were Cash’s there was no reason not to bid at the low offering price. Inspection hints that they may have been rejects due to their skewed position on the ribbons. The ribbons appear more skewed in the picture     than they are in reality.

Stratford on Avon       Coventry Cathedral       Wm. Shakespeare

I won the lot and when they were delivered they were a continuous string of five bookmarks right off the weaving machine. Still a very interesting lot to work with.

My effort to finish one set proved more difficult than I would have imagined. A hot iron,  a damp cloth and white felt with one sticky side was a great challenge. That is why the remaining ten are still unfinished! The finished size of these bookmarks is 2 X 8 inches.


Cover clip bookmarks have always been a favorite. The bookmark really stays with the book! Here is a common form with the  religious theme of

                               The Lord is my Shepherd

                                                                                   A makers mark has never appeared on any of these cover clip bookmarks. This one measures 4  1/4 inches long and 1   1/8 inches wide and is made of stamped copper.


Here  is an interesting bookmark of the same general form as the Cover clip bookmark above. In this case the head of the bookmark has been incised to make an open area to clip onto the page.

Polo  Bookmark

This bookmark has been stamped with thin images that have been filled with red and black enamel. It appears to be a general image but the colors might represent a particular Polo

club. There is no makers mark. The size is 4 1/4 inches long by 1 1/8 inches wide.


Last, here are three card stock bookmarks of very interesting designs.The First FREELANCERS UNION carries their message but the colorful art work is continued on the reverse side. The BOOK BALLOON bookmark is identical on both sides. The third piece is from BOOKARTS a European competition to design bookmarks. Thank to L.R. for these!

All of these are exceptional in the paper and card stock bookmark variety. They show thoughtful design and artistic execution of plan.

A post about Unusual Bookmarks should show up soon.

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