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Carved Wooden, Split Blade Bookmarks

April 14, 2012

The hand sculpted wooden bookmarks are my favorites. The characters of Atelier Paré carvings of Quebec are particularly intriguing. The wooden bookmarks that I have from  or in the style of the Italian carvers at Anri are very well crafted but coarse in style. There are other types from Anri that I have seen in pictures that are more refined.

Anri  carved wood split blade bookmarks

                Note the 1 inch wide blade and the  short length of 4 inches.

Atelier Paré carved wood split blade bookmarks

These carvings from Quebec  have a longer and more narrow split blade and the carvings are more detailed and  each character is more individual.

Three more carved wood split blade bookmarks

Both #1 and #3 are from Quebec.  The Owl is from the Ateiler Paré  shop.  The third is a convent memento and the decorative head is  applied plastic.  Since the Atelier Paré and the convent are both located in St. Anne De Beauprè, Quebec, it seems possible that the little nun was also made in the Paré shop. The second is from Idaho and I believe it is made from a very hard wood.  It appears to be a native american figure in head dress. This is a beautiful carving in a difficult medium.

Miscellaneous group of carved wood bookmarks.

The first bookmark is carved in the Black Forest Style and is probably from Germany or Switzerland. The three dogs have no identifying features. The fifth floral piece was made by a student at the Brea College in Kentucky USA.

Bookmark oddities will be next.

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