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Three Dimensional Bookmarks–Blades With a Bend

February 18, 2012

Last time the it was the simple blade that just lay between the pages. This post will deal with blades that have 90 or 180 degree bends which help to stabilize their position in the book as well as preventing them from sliding out of sight.

Bookmarks with a 90 degree bend

The first picture shows the face of the two bookmarks while the second view is from the side to show the bends.

#1. is well decorated silver with a bit of turquoise on the top.The craftsman is Ernest Tafoya and it is dated 1992. The second piece of silver is shaped like the state of New Hampshire and sports a gemstone of or bit of dark glass. Note that the second piece has a second 90 degree bend which presents a handle for removing the marker. This bookmark is scribed “Banner 096 sterling.”The first is 8 1/2 in long. The second is  3 1/2 In. long.

Bookmarks with 180 degree bend

This first gold plated item is marked ” Nancy Gilbert is reading this book.” The bend which isn’t obvious from this picture is the full length of the side showing. The second bookmark is made from celluloid and the extreme yellowing is indicative of very early celluloid. Certainly it was produced    no later than 1900-1910. It is marked DAVID C. COOK PUBLISHING CO. ELGIN, CHICAGO, NEW YORK, BOSTON.  This little blue bookworm FUN N NUF tm. was made in Columbus OH in 1989. You can see the bent under tail at the bottom of the picture. The  bend of the fourth bookmark is almost as long as the front. This is sterling and was intended for engraving on the front. The applied medallion at the top carries on it’s back (showing) the date 1972 sterling and the makers mark.The first is 1 1/2 In long.The second is 3 1/2 In long  The third is 3 1/2 In. long.The fourth item is 2 In. long.

 Here are three larger examples of 180 degree bend bookmarks.

The first curvaceous bookmark is bent to the back. It is marked with the name Phoebe Kent and measures 5 1/4 In. long. The second plastic bookmark is from Japan and has an anchor applied to the bend. It measures 5 1/2 In long.The third  piece is marked with the name of Margaret Flewharty. It is either highly polished brass or gold plated. It is 5 1/2 In. Long.

Then there are some very small 180 degree bend page and place markers that can be used to mark specific line of a page. They have great utility for business, study and research. Most tend to be very small. Here are two examples.

These were intended for business use. Made of blue steel they measured a bit less than 1/2 In. long.

Here is another group that are easy to work with to mark several places in a book or manuscript.

These Book Marx measure right at one inch and are very easy to handle when compared with the Moore’s  Movable Markers.

That should give you an idea of how and why the collection is organized by physical types. Next time there should be some beautiful examples with secondary blades added to make a clip to the pages. Any questions? Try

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